(Release) Pyeong Beonhan ge Joa! ch2

Pyeong Beonhan ge Joa! Chapter 2 by Maru and Son Chan-Su
[project page with info]

We picked up a new series ^^, hope you like it.
Please join Bluebird Scans for more releases.

Chapter 02


8 thoughts on “(Release) Pyeong Beonhan ge Joa! ch2

  1. Thanks for translating this manhwa but perhaps you could redo chapter one since it seems confusing. Is it just me or is there some kind of a mix up in the pages? It is really kind of confusing. I know it was another group who did it though…

  2. Unfortunately, I believe that we won't be able to redo the chapters. It seems liek the previous scans mixed in some pages from other chapters…. What a folly x_x

  3. Hi, sorry- i was trying to decipher your wording… Are you asking for permission to re-translate it into Spanish? 🙂 Take no offense but I can't understand it.

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