Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!

Sorry for the horrendous wait! Examination periods were long overdue! We’ve been going through some tough discussions for some matters so releases were delayed haphazardly Aside from this matter, I want to say Happy Chinese New Year on the behalf of all Bluebird Scans. Hope everyone have a nice one and get some money building in their pockets!(That’s if you celebrate it that is. ;]) Here are the releases for

Tiara by LEE Yun-Hee/KARA Lim

Download links are provided below or you can read it at:


Tiara Vol.04
Chapter 29:>Download Link
Chapter 30:>Download Link


3 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!

    • Very likely it was done by the authors itself because I don’t think fans are desperate enough to color in the pages that includes the SFX and such. Then again, I could be wrong but my conclusion is that it’s originally colored!

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