Koukyuu Days – Shichi Joukoku Monogatari

Title: Koukyuu Days – Shichi Joukoku Monogatari
Associated Names: 後宮デイズ~七星国物語
Author/Artist: SUMOMO Momo
Year: 2011
Status: 2 Volumes (Ongoing)
Genre: Drama | Historical | Romance | Shoujo
Description: From Day of the River
Hisui, who works for the Golden Rooster Theater Group, was orphaned when her parents were killed in a giant massacre ten years ago and her brother Kohaku was abducted. One day, she is summoned to the Emperor’s palace and only agrees to go because she suspects that he is behind her brother’s disappearance.
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Re-translated into…
French by Ichigo, Chocolate, and Cake
Italian by Manga Cosmo
Russian by Riddle
Spanish by Mi Manga

Volume 1:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

STATUS: Active


8 thoughts on “Koukyuu Days – Shichi Joukoku Monogatari

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  3. i accidentaly stumbled upon this one when i was browsing through raws on some site 😀 the art made me look into it (somehow the red hair of hisui reminds me of twelve kingdoms’ hanajima) and i definitely don’t regret 😀 it’s cute, beautiful art, plot looks interesting (i don’t understand the raws and only 3 chapters are translated so i can’t realy make a statement here :]), somehow similar feeling to juuni kokki and saiunkoku monogatari but it definitely is unique in many ways 😀 and i love it already cn’t wait for more releases 😀 thanks for your hard work 😀

  4. I really like this manga from what i have read ! ^_^
    Thank you for the hard work !!
    Btw when is the next chapter translated? *really anxious*

  5. Thank you for doing Koukyuu Days! I’ve loved the author’s other works (particularly Ten no Ryu, Chi no Sakura) and have had my eye on this series for a while in the hopes that it’ll be scanlated. I enjoyed the three released chapters so far and will be looking forward to future releases! 😀

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