Title: Tiara
Assosciated Names: 无概念少女 | 티아라
Author/Artist: LEE Yun-Hee/Kara
Year: 2009
Status: 12 Volumes (Ongoing)
Genres: Fantasy | Romance | Shoujo
Description: Taken from Fateful Encounters:
Prashian is an aristocratic line gifted with 500 years of life and special powers. Elan are “normal people” who live 100 years.
In this place where these two peoples live together, there is a Litra Palia living in among them without knowing her own name. Following the orders of servants, she lives off the charity provided by the Prashian among the Elan. She is but a pet.
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Re-translated into…
Italian by Manga Cosmo
Spanish by Sweet Yaoi Fansub
French by MagicScan

Volume 1
Chapter 1-8 released by other groups

Volume 2
Chapter 09
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16

Volume 3
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24

Volume 4
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28Chapter 29
Chapter 30


8 thoughts on “Tiara

  1. Hello, umm..if it does any help I found a site where there are raws for Tiara, thankyou for all the hard work that you guys do!! 🙂 [link removed]

  2. my name is Izumi and i’m from VNS group (http://www.vnsharing.net)
    my group is for sharing and translating (mostly) manga into vietnamese for free to fans.
    We have known your group with the work on “Tiara” project.
    today I write this letter to ask permission for re-translate and re-edit that project into vietnamese for fans who cannot read in English.
    Of course, we would include all your credits and links to your website. We only get vietnamese credits. If thats ok, it would be such a big help for us. If no, thats sad but i could understand the reasons. We would like to know the answer ASAP so we can get the work on this project going. Please give us your answer ASAP.

    *and if you give us your permissions on translating this project, is it ok that we can now on using your work on other projects so that we dont have to go through such letters of permissions and wont disturb your time anymore?. If thats ok that would be such great help and all of us appreciate your understandings and helping us. Thanks again.


    • Hello Izumi!

      Thank you for requesting for permission of re-translations. We gladly accept your offer & you have our approval for other projects. Though, please list the other projects you wish to do as well aside from ‘Tiara’. As promised, include our credits and links 🙂

      Good time,
      Admin Ty♥

  3. thanks for accepting us re-trans and re-edit on your project. Here is a list of projects that we want to re-trans and re-edit: Tiara and Senaka no Otoko.
    Thanks so much!!

  4. Hi, Ty♥! thanks for sharing! Sorry my disturb! My name Hoa and i’m in T2O group (truyentranhonline.vn). We want to trans Tiara and share for all vietnamese reader. I knew vnsharing group is permission.trans and share this project. However, this project is dropped (in a long time) (i don’t know extract about drop but not update new chapter in a long time). So, I hope, you can permit us continute this project! Thanks.

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