Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!

Sorry for the horrendous wait! Examination periods were long overdue! We’ve been going through some tough discussions for some matters so releases were delayed haphazardly Aside from this matter, I want to say Happy Chinese New Year on the behalf of all Bluebird Scans. Hope everyone have a nice one and get some money building in their pockets!(That’s if you celebrate it that is. ;]) Here are the releases for

Tiara by LEE Yun-Hee/KARA Lim

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(Release) Last Day of the Year

We changed the theme for our website! Are you guys liking this or the previous one? Leave a comment below!
As for the project Trill on Eden, we’re desperately needing a Japanese Translator!
If you’re interested, E-mail us at: bluebird_scans@hotmail.com
It would be much appreciated even if it’s part-time!Today is the last day of 2012! Who’s ready for next year?!
In any case, have fun reading chapters 27 and 28 of Tiara!

Tiara by LEE Yun-Hee/Kara

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First thing first, we are going to have a huge release soon but for the moment in time, please be patient and bear with us for a while.

Second, we FINALLY have a facebook fanpage! Be sure to LIKE us and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on a weekly[and/or] daily basis! Hoping to see you guys support it!

Again, sorry for the lateness and we’ll be sure to fulfill your wants soon enough. Due to failure of connectivity for internet services, we fail to progress at a faster pace. I hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving and great turkey!

See you guys soon!