Akuma ga Kitarite

Title: Akuma ga Kitarite
Associated Names: 悪魔が来たりて | The Devil Has Come
Author/Artist: SHIIBA Nana
Year: 2012
Status: Oneshot (Completed)
Genre: Comedy | Romance | School Life | Shoujo
Description: Ruiji is secretly in love with Wakatsuki. But how can he declare his love when this one is frightened to death every time she meets his eyes?
(mangaupdates page)

We translated into English from the French scanlations by Sumire no Team

Retranslated into:
Spanish by Anime´s addiction no fansub


STATUS: Complete


5 thoughts on “Akuma ga Kitarite

  1. Hi =D

    I’m MimiAlock from the french team Shiro-To-Kuro.
    Like I didn’t find a FAQ, I post here. I hope I’m not bothering you… =S
    I wanna ask you if my team can retranslate into french with your scans this oneshot ?
    We’ll keep your credits pages and we’ll add a link for your site.
    If you have any questions, please let me know =D
    Have a nice day ! :3

    • Hello MimiAlock!

      Your scanlation group is granted permission to re-translate into french 🙂
      Just remember to credit and link back to us, as promised!
      As of now, there are no questions.
      Good time~

  2. Hi, my name is Siomara, admin of a spanish Re-Translation group: Anime´s addiction no fansub . We wanted to consult with you if it’s possible to get your permission to translate Akuma ga Kitarite.
    We will accept your condicions and, of course, we will keep your credits.
    We’ll wait for your answer!

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