Bluebird Scans is recruiting for all positions.

If you’re ready, please fill in this Application Form

Job: In charge of taking foreign language to be translated into English.
Language(s): Japanese | Chinese | Korean | Vietnamese | French | Etc
Experience: Not at all! All that’s need is a good grasp on both the language you’re translating from and English and how to use word documents.
Program needed: Microsoft Word | Google Docs

Job: In charge of typing the translated language into the blank bubble of the manga.
Experience: Yes, but we do not need extravagant works. Basic knowledge would really help!
Program needed: Photoshop | GIMP
GIMP FREE Download:
Photoshop FREE trial Download:

Job: In charge of cleaning the raw manga. They are to clean the bubble with foreign language into blank so the typesetter can type the translation in. Cleaning SFX is not required.
Experience: Yes, some experience.
Program needed: Photoshop | GIMP

Job: In charge of hosting the manga through the sites once we’ve complete the work.
Experience: No
Pseudonym/Nickname: Self-explanatory. We prefer you telling us the username that you have on the siteholder.
Website/Manga: Do you plan on being an uploader for a specific manga OR website? If it’s manga, please state which one, If it’s website, please state the site.
Contact Information: We need a source of contact to keep in touch with you. If you wish not to reveal it in public, please private message one of the admins.

Job: Proofread if the translated language (English) runs smoothly and if it makes sense.
Experience: Must be very well versed with English including grammar, spelling, and fluidity.
Program needed: Microsoft Word | Google Doc

Quality Checker
Job: Your job is to find AND fix any mistakes or spelling errors made by the Cleaner and/or Typesetter including Proofreaders.
Experience: Yes, this requires experience with all of the jobs of scanlating.
Program needed: Photoshop | GIMP

Scanners / Raw Providers
Job: The person who has access to raw manga and is able to transfer it on to computer format. This means from pages of the book→ images. Usually books can be bought through online or going in-stores. They can also get it by going to the corresponding country that it’s been released in.
Language(s): Japanese | Korean | Chinese | Vietnamese | Etc…
Gadgets needed: A Scanner

If you are interested…
-Fill in this Application Form
-Contact us by email at
-Post at the forums with a new topic.


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